Univet Safety Catalogue - ENGLISH


5X1 - Welding 3 5X1.00.00.30

5X1 - Welding 5 5X1.00.00.50

5X1 - RX Insert 5X1.OP.00.00

Multifunctional and versatile, the 5X1 was created to guarantee optimal protection in any working condition. On one frame it’s possible to assemble a wide range of interchangeable accessories, ensuring every worker can personalise the 5X1 without compromising comfort and protection. The extended wraparound lenses provides extra coverage around the eyes.

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Floating lens M ore ƽexible frame for an optimal Ƽt on any face.

Rubber terminal with inclination movement

Allows the glasses to adhere to the temples for a perfect grip.

Inclination and length adjustment A llows correct Ƽtting and constant safety at work.

Nose pad set-up Allows to adjust the height of the glasses to ensure maximum optical quality.

Rx Insert (optional) It is a special support for mounting prescription lenses. It can be easily applied or removed.

Lens interchange system Thanks to the patent lens exchange system it is possible to quickly

Lens Technologies



replace the lens for optimal visibility in any environment.


Product Code (EU)

Lens Color

Lens Mark (EU)

Frame Color

Lens Technology


Frame Technologies

EN166 and EN169



Dark grey/Green

3 U 1 FT CE

5X1 - Welding 3

28 g

EN166 and EN169



Dark grey/Green

5 U 1 FT CE

5X1 - Welding 5

Frame Mark (UE): Mod5X1 U 166 FT U 175-F


Download the technical data sheets : www.univetsafety.com/5x1

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