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The Polar-X polarized solar lens uses a speciƼc anti- reƽection Ƽlter that allows a clearer and more deƼned vision. The polarizing treatment is based on a number of Ƽlters applied to the lens that modulate light with the aim to reduce the annoying glare from the surfaces.

Anti-reƽection solar lens Polar-X

What does polarized mean?

In order to answer the question, it is necessary to shortly explain how the polarizing principle works. Natural light travels in form of waves that swing in all directions. This means that it is not polarized. When a sunray meets a reƽecting surface, the light undergoes a process that is called polarization, i.e. it starts moving vertically and horizontally. While vertical light gives us all the information on colors and contrasts, horizontal light creates an annoying glaring eƷect that disturbs our vision. While vertical light supplies all the information on colors and contrasts, horizontal light creates the annoying glaring eƷect that disturbs our vision. The polarizing lens, thanks to a micro vertical network, consistently reduces or totally eliminates the reƽected light energy that causes reverberation.

Common Filters


Without the use of suitable Ƽlters, working glasses do not grant a complete protection exoposing the worker to risks.

The Polar-X polarized sun lens is an active protection as it prevents the risk of accidents during outdoor daily activities, avoiding glare and increasing visual quality.

Absence of sun glare also in extreme conditions

Polarized lenses are recommended for: outdoor activities, construction sites, vehicle driving, installation and maintenance of solar panels, installation and maintenance of ski resorts, building of curtain walls, activities on ships or oil plants.

Ƽltered light* 84 %

When the sun rays hit reƽecting surfaces, the rays reverberate in all directions. In order to block this we need sunglasses with polarized lenses as the common sun lenses are not enough to protect against UV rays.


Lens available for the following models: 5X9 SPORT page 83

* 16 % VLT (Visible Light Trasmittance)



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