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5X1 Hybrid - Clear Plus 5X1E0030000

5X1 Hybrid - Solar G15 5X1E0030005

5X1 - Kit Hybrid 5X1K10000

5X1 - Clear Plus Lens 5X1K2.03.00

The 5X1 Hybrid, thanks to the Ƽeld of use 3 marking, is the ideal solution for working activities that require protection from drops or splashes.

5X1 - Solar G15 Lens 5X1K2.03.05

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Liquids protection / 3

Soft-rubber Gasket for a gentle support on the face.

Floating lens M ore ƽexible frame for an optimal Ƽt on any face.

Lens Technologies

Hi performance anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment with K and N certiƼcation.

UV 400

Nose pad set-up Allows to adjust the height of the glasses to ensure maximum optical quality.

Lens interchange system Thanks to the patent lens exchange system it is possible to quickly

replace the lens for optimal visibility in any environment.


Product Code (EU)

Lens Color

Lens Mark (EU)

Frame Color

Lens Technology


EN166 and EN170



Dark grey/Green

2C-1.2 U 1 FT K N CE

5X1 Hybrid - Clear Plus

Frame Technologies

EN166, EN170 and EN172



Dark grey/Green

2C-3/5-3.1 U 1 FT K N CE

5X1 Hybrid - Solar G15

EN166 and EN170




2C-1.2 U 1 FT K N CE

5X1 - Clear Plus Lens

38 g*

EN166, EN170 and EN172




2C-3/5-3.1 U 1 FT K N CE

5X1 - Solar G15 Lens

Frame Mark (EU): CE

Gasket Mark (EU): Mod.5X1 U EN166 FT / U EN175 -F CE / U EN166 3 FT Mod.5X1G CE


* Weight: 28 g referred to the conƼguration with temples, without gasket and elastic band

Download the technical data sheets : www.univetsafety.com/5x1-hybrid

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