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A New Chapter The End of Summer Signals a New Beginning for Our Family

Hi, everyone! I have some exciting news to share from the Lagonigro household. As many of you know, my wife, Taryn, is expecting our third child in September. We’ve been busy making preparations for the newest member of our family, and one of those preparations has been our search for a bigger house to accommodate our growing family. In June, we officially closed on our new home, and we are now completely moved in! Actually, by the time you have read this, my family will have been moved in for a couple of weeks and our old house will have officially sold. We are so excited to be in our new house, and we cannot wait to make new memories there. When we first started shopping for our new home, we knew that we wanted to live closer to downtown Caldwell. Though the idea to move had been toyed with, Taryn’s pregnancy kicked our plan into action, and we were fortunate enough to find a home that fits all of our needs. The house has a big backyard, which is exactly what

I wanted for our girls. We had a relatively small backyard at our old place, and a half acre in a suburban area is hard to find. I’m thinking about building a play set for the kids to enjoy our new space. Our new home is located in a great school district, and we are closer to downtown and the activities we enjoy in our free time. My daughter actually made a close friend in preschool, and we’ve kept in contact with her family throughout the summer. Also, the acreage will allow me to pick up gardening again, which I will have the girls help me with next spring. I am excited for all the new opportunities we will enjoy in our new home. Though we are so thankful to be in our new home, we miss our old house a little bit. Before our move, my commute to work was only about 30 seconds on an average day; now, my commute is closer to 10 minutes. I know that is still a relatively short drive, but I was used to being able to easily walk to work. Next month is Taryn’s due date, and we’re getting anxious. I can’t wait to meet the new baby, and Taryn is excited to be at home with the girls for a bit before she goes back to work. Sofia will be starting first grade around the same time, and Layla will be starting preschool. The girls are going to love having Mom at home! Before the seasons change, we will be enjoying this last bit of summer with some barbecues and quality family time. But mostly, we will be settling into our new

We are so excited to be in our new house, and we cannot wait to make new memories there.

home and getting ready for the new baby’s arrival. This has truly been a great end to the season.

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