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Do I Have to Use Sick Days For My Work-Related Injury?

After a serious workplace injury, you will probably need a few days off fromwork. But whether you have to use up your paid time off (PTO) depends on the circumstances.

you’ll only be compensated for the second week. If you’re away over 14 consecutive days, you’ll be compensated for all the days you have missed, including the initial week.

The intent of the workers’compensation system in Ohio is to cover all costs related to an injury you sustain at work or an illness you develop because of your job. The benefits you receive depend on the seriousness of the injury and howmuch time you’re forced to take off fromwork. Luckily, when you break it down, it’s fairly simple. If you only miss a few days of work after an accident, charge that time to your PTO to stay afloat. But if that injury leads to eight or more days off the job, you qualify for temporary total compensation benefits from workers’comp to replace your lost income. But there are qualifications to this situation. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’Compensation (BWC) defines temporary total disability as“the temporary inability of the injured worker to return to their former position of employment.”If your claim for workers’compensation benefits is approved, your injury- related medical bills will be paid no matter how long you miss work.

If you’re approved to return to work under modified conditions and your employer cannot accommodate you, you can remain on temporary total

compensation benefits as your condition continues to improve. It’s important to note that getting these benefits doesn’t mean you’ll receive 100 percent of your wages. Instead, you’ll receive between 66 2/3 and 72 percent of your wages, depending on how long you’re off. When you return to work, temporary total compensation benefits end. However, you may be eligible for wage loss benefits if your injury causes work restrictions that lead to a reduction in earnings. Still, it can be challenging to navigate the complexities of workers’comp on your own. Call us at 614-334-4649 to make sure you have access to all the benefits to which you’re legally entitled.

However, temporary total compensation benefits —or reimbursement for PTO already taken—won’t start until the eighth day you’re off work. If you miss two weeks of work,





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