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October 2018


Paul Stano


Aretha Franklin has passed away and left behind an $80 million estate. Now her four sons will have to deal with a rather complicated situation and, in particular, the fact that her oldest son has special needs. So you’re wondering “How did this happen?” The answer is simple. Her attorney who represented her for 28 years said, “She never got around to it.” As it turns out, we all have something in common with the Queen of Soul — we just don’t think it will happen to us. But the truth is that once you turn 65, it’s time to take a fresh look at all your documents. Like most things in life, it’s much easier to deal with life’s difficulties when you’re not in the thick of it. And if you have an adult child who has special needs, it’s even more important to make sure they are taken care of. The first step is to educate yourself on your options. We offer FREE workshops for that. See our schedule at and register today.

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Ghost stories are a rite of passage this time of the year, but sometimes it can be hard to determine what stories will be appropriate for kids. If you have a youngster who is a budding scare-o-phile, here are some stories you can feel safe telling them.

Feel free to shape these stories into your own. Knowing the age of your audience and what kind of spooks they enjoy will help you craft your tale.


This story is perfect for little historians and those who love maritime tales.

Legend has it that ship captain Hendrick van der Decken and his crew have haunted the Cape of Good Hope ever since a storm ravaged their ship more than 450 years ago. Van der Decken was an avid seaman and captain of The Flying Dutchman. In the midst of a horrifying storm, he insisted that the ship keep pressing ahead. His crew begged him to change course, but, according to folklore, his famous response was “We’ll sail for eternity!” Van der Decken and his crew vanished in the storm, but sailors over the past five centuries have often claimed to see a mist-shrouded boat sailing toward them, only for it to disappear from their sight as they drew near. Sailors warn that if a ship crosses paths with The Flying Dutchman, it spells doom for the ship’s occupants.

TIP: Characters and locations in this story can vary depending on your location and audience.

-Paul Stano

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