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It is that time of the year when kids get excited to return to their favorite sports. Did you know that football and soccer are sports with some of the highest concussion rates? Recent research demonstrates that the “old way” of treating concussions is very outdated. For example, athletes are no longer told to sit quietly in a dark room and not go to school. This can, in fact, be more harmful. Many schools are now performing ImPACT testing, a computerized measurement tool used to help decide when a player can return to sports after a concussion. While ImPACT testing is valuable, it should be used along with several other evaluation tools to more thoroughly determine when it is safe for an athlete to return to sports following a concussion. At MHR, we are certified by Complete Concussion Management, a network of trained health care professionals that work with physicians, coaches, athletic trainers, and teachers to co-manage concussion injuries We provide thorough examinations that go beyond ImPACT testing. We use the most recent, research-based assessments and treatments to help patients who have suffered a concussion return to school, work, and life safely and effectively.

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From homecoming dances and Friday night football games to hours spent playing Block Dude on your TI-84 graphing calculator, high school is sure to leave you with plenty of fond memories. But no matter what kind of student you were, we’re willing to bet you aren’t too nostalgic for all the time and energy spent on nightly homework assignments. Still, if you’re the parent of a high schooler, you should consider spending a little time helping your student hit the books. This is easier said than done. When your kids are young, helping themwith their education can be as simple as having them read aloud to you. But homework gets significantly more challenging in the high school years. You’d be forgiven for not being able to answer your student’s questions about calculus, mitosis, or the meaning of a Shakespearean monologue. However, there are many great direct and indirect ways you can help your high schooler study effectively. SET A SCHEDULE. First and foremost, you should help your high schooler set aside clear blocks of time for homework and studying. This will help your child establish a routine, which leaves less time for hemming and hawing before getting started. It can also prevent your student from putting off long-term assignments until the last minute, resulting in less stress and a better night’s sleep before a big test or presentation. The great thing about setting a schedule is that it is a teachable moment in itself. Consider letting your high schooler be the one to plan out the details of their schedule. Giving them this responsibility will underscore multiple organizational skills, including the importance of planning ahead and setting attainable goals. They may find that they didn’t set aside enough

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