January 2018 principle: that anyone on earth can learn to be gritty and thrive against all odds. genius, but Grit — an unerring blend of self- control, passion and drive. In her acclaimed NYT best-seller, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance , Duckworth breaks this vital principle down. She offers a wealth of psychological research and refreshing personal anecdotes in service of her central Grit By Angela Duckworth In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, you’re going to need more than just talent to survive. According to renowned psychologist Angela Duckworth, the trait that most predicts success in modern America isn’t

Do You Really Want The Cheapest Computer Technician Working On Your Company’s Network?

These days, small businesses are more dependent on IT systems than at any other time in history. Because of this, even the slightest technological hiccups in our cyberspace-centered workflow can have expensive, lasting consequences. Perhaps the most dramatic illustration of this occurred back in 2013, when Amazon went dark for half an hour. Sure, it was a paltry 30 minutes, no big deal – until you consider the megagiant was theoretically hemorrhaging $66,240 every 60 seconds, based on their quarterly revenue. Of course, your company probably isn’t a staple of international commerce like Jeff Bezos’s beloved brainchild. Because of this, many small-business owners think that a downed server or small security

breach here and there won’t matter too much to their bottom line. For these unlucky few, IT takes a backseat to more “pressing” issues, and they go the cheap route with their technicians. This cost- cutting solution seems like the idea of the year, and will undoubtedly work great for the business – until it doesn’t. Maybe your long-time technicians fail to notice a piece of outdated equipment, and your server gives up the ghost during peak business hours. Virtually all work grinds to a halt, and your employees are forced to wile away the two hours shooting three-pointers into the trash bins. Add up the two hours of wasted wages for your entire team, the financial cost of missed business, and the much more intangible

Keith Clanahan, President of xlrINT, LLC.

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