GENERAL INFORMATION an hour's drive will take one into the nearby mountains where winter sports are available.


The campus is bounded on the West by Biola Avenue and on the East by Luitwi e ler. It is located midway between th e large East-Wes t thorough­ fares of Rosecrans Avenue and Imperial Highway. Approximately three miles to the south is the Santa Ana Freeway . Students coming to the campus by automobile should fo ll ow these direc­ tions: coming from the West leave the Santa Ana Freeway at Ros ec rans and trave l east on th e street to Biola Avenue; coming from th e South-east leave the Santa Ana Freeway at Valley View and travel north on that stree t to Rose­ crans where you h1rn ri ght to Biola Avenue; coming from the East via San Bernardino Freeway (U .S. highways 60, 70, 99), turn south on Californ ia Highway 39 to Imperial Highway, and right on Impe rial to Biola Avenue. The campus, lying on gently rolling ground, is approximately seventy acres in extent. The buildings in use in clude the main c:lassroom and science buildings , the library , the auditorium, music building, th e commons, the infirmary, two women's residence halls, and accommodations for the men. Other buildings to be e rec ted at a late r time include th e administration build­ ing, the gymnasium, the student union building, th e main auditorium, and two me n 's residence halls . On the eas tern side of the campus I ie the athletic fields. One has an oval quarter mil e track with a 220-ya rd straightaway while the other the bas e ball diamond. Outdoor basketball, badminton, te nnis , and vo ll eyball courts are availab le for us e.


Biola College is an interdenomi nati onal school of college rank empha­ sizing thorough scholarship and is committed to th e evange li cal doctrines of the Christian C hurch. It earnestly endeavors to make th ese historic doc­ trines a vital reality in the spiritual I ife of this present ge neration. In view of th e fact that founders of Bi o la desired to serve th e Christian public, th e conduct of a Biola College student is expected to conform to the highest Christian standard. The rul e by which he lives is th e earnest striving for God's approval and the consc ious protection of hi s Christian testimony. Spec ifically, the re are certain practices wh ich are contrary to th e standards of Biola Coll ege and from which, therefore, all sh1de nts are to refrain as long as they are in school: the use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco, attend­ ance at commercial th eatre s, dancing, th e use of playing cards, and gamb ling in any form. Since th e College is interde nominational and yet th eologically conserva­ tive, th e A1ticles of Incorpora ti on con tain a doctrinal statement an abridge­ ment of which is given below: "The Bibl e, consisting of all th e books of th e Old and New T e stame nts, is the Word of God, a supernah1rally g iven reve lati on without e rror or mis-


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