The Coll ege holds to the conv icti on that the good Christian is likewis e a good citizen of the State. It teaches, both by precept and example, that good citizens respect autho rity and submit to the laws of the land. The Coll ege encourages the students to participate actively, while in college and throughou t li fe, in the development of the general welfare of their fellowmen, both in community and national life. It further seeks to instill a genuin e concern for the genera l welfare of mankind world around. Cultural Objectives: The College seeks to provide students with a whol esome cultural program which will inculcate an appreciation for the finer things of life as expressed in th e fine arts, literature, history, and th e civilizations of peoples and na­ tion s both past and present. Social Objectives: The College seeks to provide the students with a well -rounded social program that will develop personality and fit them in a normal and whole­ some manner to take their places in home, local ·church, and community. The program is further designed to develop and maintain high moral stand­ ards in the lives of the students, for their own benefit and in order that they might serve as wholesome examples and leaders wherever they may live and work. Spiritual Objectives: The College aims to send forth men and women who exp ress through their li ves a complete and valid commitment to the claims of Christ; a com­ prehensive knowledge of the Word of God, with ability to use it in all ·walks of life in leading men to Christ and, with wisdom, to teac h it to believers that they may grow in grace; and an enduement with power by the infil ling of the Holy Spirit, express ing itse lf in C!Histian love for all men and a d es ire for the ir salvation. Vocational Objectives: The Col lege seeks to provide thorough preparatory training in those areas of its curriculum in which students may desire to pursue graduate work lead ing to a profession. It seeks also to provide adequate term inal training in those areas of its curriculum which are designed to prepare students for their life work. BOOK STORE Biola College maintains a book store where text books, paper backs , school supplies, and other items rilay be purchased. THE LIBRARY The Biola Library is under a unified adm ini strat ion, and the main col­ lection serves all Biola schools. Departmental co ll ect ions are also maintained for The School of Missionary Medicine and Ta lbot Theological Sem inary. The School of Missionary Medicine collection is housed on th e ninth floor of Lyman Stewart Hall at .558 So. Hope Street in Los Angeles. The Seminary collec tion is housed in an alc:ove off the main reading room of the Rose


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