Memorial Library on the La Mirada campus. Present holdings of the Biola Library include about 70,000 volumes and some 450 current periodicals with a total of 900 periodicals, including back runs. In auxiliary coll ections are to be found pamphlet files and a curriculum and unit collection for the Education and the Christian Education Departments. A number of special indexes provide access to volumes 1-50 of The King's Business magazine and to partial runs of other periodicals, to songs and hymns, sermons and sermon outlines, homil e ti c and poetic illustrations, and sim il ar materials. The main public catalog and other card files contain approximately 220,000 cards. Students also have access to the libraries of Long Beach, Long Beach State College, Whittier and Whittier College, all within a short distance of the library. The staff consists of three librarians, three full-time semi-profess ional assistants, and several part-time student assistants. The Library is an ideal workshop for students in Library Science, and it is the purpose of the staff to make it a model for study. Cataloging is being done according to the standards of the American Library Association and the Library of Congress. Standard equipment makes the library an attractive place to study and browse. AUDIO-VISUAL DEPARTMENT The College has an Aud io-Visual Director who handles the equipment and services of the program. The Library is responsible for purchases, cata­ loging, and circulation of materials. The coll ection of materials includes slides, filmstrips, flat pictures, flannelgraph materials, object lessons, globes, maps, phonograph records, tape recordings, etc. A few small slide and film­ strip projectors and a screen are available for circulation. Microfilm and microcard readers are available, and a photocopying machine has been in­ stalled.


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