ACADEMIC INFORMATION Physical Education . . ..... . . . ... . . . . .. . .. . . . . .... .. . . . 4 seme ste rs Additional requirements are listed unde r th e departme nts offe rin g majors. Each stude nt is ass igned some form of prac tical Chri sti an service, for which he is given c redit each semes te r. Thes e Chri sti an serv ice c redits are required for graduation but are not computed in th e stude nt' s acad emic load . In addition to rece iving satisfactory schol as tic ratin g in all required cours es , a sfude nt must gi ve satisfactory evidence of good Chri sti an characte r and soundne ss of doctrin e, as se t fo rth in th e unabridged form of th e Stateme nt of Doctrine, and have me t all financ ial ob ligati on s. STUDENT GUIDANCE SERVICE Since the establi shme nt of the Person ne l Departme nt, th e foll owing steps were taken in th e d evelopme nt of the coun selin g program. First, a ce ntralized record system was adop ted including cumul ative inte rview forms. Second, a fre shman te sting p rogram was begun to provi de coun selors with accurate data regarding th e student' s acad emic ap titud e as well as personali ty traits. Third, chann e ls we re e stabli shed with th e Registrar's Offi ce so that t rans­ cripts and grade records were mad e ava ilabl e to couns e lors. Accordingl y, students are grouped on th e bas is of maj or and inte res t und e r a faculty counse lo r whose responsibility it becomes to guide each student of hi s group through coll e ge years and to recommend him to the Student Pe rsonne l and Guidance Committee for graduati on wh en hi s schoolin g te rminate s. The re has al so been the addition of fres hman ori e ntati on composed of lech1res and discussions brought by vari ou s members who are in touch with common probl ems. Finall y, th e offi ce of Fres hmen Coun se lor has been es tabli shed to aid new students and othe rs in se lec ting a maj or, conqu e ri ng study probl ems and solving the many othe r p robl ems which ari se espec ia ll y the first yea r of the student's coll ege li fe . The obj ective s of the cou nse ling program have been inte rre lated with th e disciplinary system of th e school. A minimum numbe r of rul es is combined with instruction in Christian pri nc iples of conduct for th e purpose of en­ couraging sh1dents toward mature self-guidance. CLASSIFICATION OF STUDENTS A student' s classificati on is de te rm ined at th e beginning of the fa ll semes te r according to the foll owing p lan:

128 Unit Program

26 units or les s

Freshman Sophomore

27 units and 54 grad e po in ts 57 units and 114 grade po ints 91 units and 182 grad e po ints

Junior Se nior

1.50 Unit Program

26 units or less

Freshman Sophomore

27 units and 54 grad e po ints 57 units and 114 grade po ints 121 u nits and 242 grade po ints

Junior Se nior

2 1

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