EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES All groups or individuals who represent the College must manifest satis­ factory standing as to application, cooperation, spiritual life, and scholastic attainment (the over-all grade point average, as well as the average for the preceding semester, must be C), and must be approved by the faculty.


Biola is authorized to train students under Public Laws 894 and 634, and under the State of California Veterans Educational Institute. Persons who who desire to attend school under one of these Bills should secure a Certifi­ cate of Eligibility from their local office of Veterans' Administration before Registration Day. Married veterans who desire subsistence for dependents should have substantial proof for such dependency, such as marriage certifi­ cate and birth certificates of their children. Persons under these Bills who have not received au thorization by the time of registration must be prepared to assume responsibility for all fees covered by the authorization . Any fees paid by the student will be refunded when authorization is received.


Many leading educators in the professional fields recognize that a liberal arts curriculum provides the most suitable undergraduate preparation. The satisfactory completion of the courses required of all students during their first two years in attendance at Biola College provides much of the necessary background. Biola College offers courses which serve as foundational material for several of the professions. There are certain basic courses in natural science, language, and social science which are required by most professional schools. To be sure that the proper courses are selected, the student should seek information from the professional school of his choice.


In addition to the general courses a student interested in en tering the medical field should take the available courses in biology, chem istry, physi­ ology, physics and re lated subjects.


In addition to the general courses a student interested in entering the fi e ld of law should tak e th e available courses in modern languages, political science, economics, American history and government, and related subjects .


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