In addi tion to the scholarships offered by the college there are other scholarships awarded through the generosity of donors. These include the Gene Bernard Scholarship, the George Mayr Scholarship, the Reba M. Gil­ mer Scholarship.


As funds are available the College awards grants in aid to needy students from the Student Aid Fund. This fund is maintained by gifts from friends of the College. Students are not required to repay the College but are expec ted to remember the fund when they are through with their schooling and make an effort to help other needy students. LOAN FUNDS National Defense Loans are available to qualified students. Speci~l con­ sideration is given to those who are interested in public school teaching. A number of loan funds have been established in addition to the National Defense Loans. Some of thes e require no payments until after the student has graduated. Some must be repaid before graduation but require no in­ terest. All financial problems are handled by the Student Finance Officer.


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