All students who are not marri ed or living with their parents are required to live in the dormitories. Any exception must be approved by the Dean of Students Office prior to registration.


Rooms are equipped with individual study desks, single beds, individual wardrobe closets and chests of drawers. Each floor has baths, shower rooms, and laundry rooms equipped with metered washing machines and driers. While a few single rooms are available in the women's dormitory, most are for two students . Students are expected to supply their blankets, bedspreads, and e lectric irons; however, irons may not be used in students' rooms, nor may any cooking equipment. Each dormitory unit is in charge of a qualified house mother. The ad­ ministration reserves the right to inspect student rooms at any time. STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES Biola College offers a Health Service for all registered students. This service is under the direction of a medical doctor and a registered nurse. The office hours are during the regular school days: Monday through Fri­ day 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. A nurse is on call weekends. These services in­ c lude consultation and treatment by the college physician, first aid, and infirmary nursing care. There is a registration medical fee to cover this service. A medical consent form must be signed by parent or guardian for all unmarried students under twenty-one years of age. This consent does not take away a student's privilege of choosing th e ir own medical care, but does give the college physician permission to treat the student. Biola offers protection to the student against certain expenses caused by accident, injury, or emergency illness in the form of a required plan of medical insurance. The cost of this insurance is to be covered by the student. The estimated cost of this insurance is $13.50 per semester and this is sub­ ject to change from time to time by the company. Biola does not assume any responsibility for ser ious illness or accident on or off campus, in or out of school games or activities. The use of the school facilities is at your own personal risk. CHRISTIAN SERVICE DEPARTMENT One of the distinguishing features of Biola College, cons istently woven into its life for th e past fifty years, is its emphasis on Christian Service. This distinction has born fruit in the lives of its graduates providing them with an advantage of practical experi ence through a program of in-s ervice


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