106. TYPOLOGY. (2) A study of Old Testament types, placing special emphasis upon the Tabe rnacle, the offerings, and the feasts, emphasizing the spiritual lessons which can be applied to personal life. 108. CHAPTER SUMMARY. (2) An introduction to one effective method of Bible study with applica­ tion of the text to various phases of the Christian life. 201. SURVEY OF THE GOSPELS. (3) A cons ideration of the uniqu e message of the Gospels noting the distinctive features of each. 202. SURVEY OF THE EPISTLES. (3) A survey of th e general and Pauline epistles with the exception of Romans and Hebrews. 203. THE BOOK OF PSALMS. (2) A study of the general outline, content, and devotional aspects of the Book of Psalms. 204. THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. (2) An expos ition of the Gospel and a study of its distinctive contribution to evangelism and Christology . 301. ANALYSIS OF THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS . (2) An anaylsis of th e text with emphasis upon doctrine and spiritual truths. 302. THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. (2) A study of the Book of Acts with special emphasis upon the mission­ ary activ ity of the apostolic church. 303. LIFE OF CHRIST. (2) A historical treatment of the life and message of Jesus Christ on the basis of the accounts in the Gospels in the light of the background con­ ditions of that time . 304. THE LIFE OF THE APOSTLE PAUL. (2) A study of the life and journeys of the Apostle Paul and his contribu­ tion to th e spread of the Gospel from Palestine to the farthest confines of the Roman Ef!1pire. 305. THE GENERAL EPISTLES . (2) A verse-by-verse study of the Epistles of James, I and II Peter, and Jude. 306. THE BOOK OF MATTHEW. (2) A d e tail ed study of this Gospel with emphasis upon its vital place in doctrinal and dispensational study. 307. THE CORINTHIAN EPISTLES. (2) A study of the background of the Corinthian correspondence and a verse-by-verse expos ition of the contents.


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