308. THE PASTORAL EPISTLES. (2) A defense of the authenticity of th e ep istles to Timothy and Titus togethe r with a study of the ir contents particularly in relation to church order and the importance of sound teaching. 309. DISPENSATIONS. (2) A study of Dispensationalism, Covenant Theology, and re lated subjects with particular emphasis upon the dispensational method of Biblical interpre tation. 310. GENERAL BIBLICAL INTRODUCTION. (2) A study of th e origin of the Bibl e, the history of the texts of th e Old and New Tes taments, the canon, and the vers ions, with special em­ phasis upon the English vers ions up to the p resent. 311. BIBLE STUDY METHODS. (2) The study and use of various methods of Bible study to enable th e student to find Bibl e truth for himse lf. 312. MESSIANIC PROPHECY. (2) An inductive study of the Old Tes tamen t Messianic passages and th e ir fulfillment in the person of Jesus. Extra-Biblical materials that contrib­ ute to the subj ec t considered. 401. EXPOSITION OF HEBREWS. (2) A verse-by-ve rse exposition of th e epi stl e, indicatin g not only the specific dehtils of inte rpre tation , but the theo logical thought and struc­ ture of the book. 402. EXPOSITION OF REVELATION. (2) A verse-by-verse exposition of the Book of Revelation with emphasi s upon principles of interpre tation, harmon ization of th e prophe ti c Scriphires , and me thod in expository teaching and preaching. 403. THE BOOK OF ISAIAH. (2) A study of the prophecy against the background of its history, with special treatme nt of the Messianic passages. 404. THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH. (2) A treatment of the book in relation to the other prophetic books of the Old Testame nt and its special contribution to Mess ianic prophecy and the future oflsrael. 405. THE EPISTLES TO THE EPHESIANS AND COLOSSIANS. (2) The teaching of th ese re lated epis tl es as it pertain s to th e New T es ta­ me nt church and th e life of the believer. 406. THE GALATIAN AND THESSALONIAN EPISTLES. (2) An inve stigation of th ese ep istl es relative to the parti cu lar problems existent in the churches to which they were wri tten. 407. PHILIPPIANS AND JOHANNINE EPISTLES. (2) An exposition of th ese ep istles with th e application of th eir teaching to Christian faith and practice.


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