408. THE BOOK OF JOB. (2) An expository consideration of the text and its teach ing relative to the problem of human suffering. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Objective. The Christian Education courses seek to give the necessary undergraduate training for effective professional service in the educational program of the church and its related agencies in America and on the foreign field. The major in Christian education is designed to p lace emphasis upon thorough study of the Bible, an adequate background in liberal arts (especi­ ally psychology), and Christian education . Courses in Christian education are planned to give theoretical training, practical experience, and technical skill. The Christian Education Depart­ ment seeks to serve the local church in training leadership for its program of evangelism, education, and missions. Students completeing a major in Chris­ tian Education will receive the certificate of the Evangelical Teacher Train­ ing Association. Department Majors: 31 upper division units, including 201, 301, 302, 303, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405 or 407, Physical Education 304. Education 303 and 314 or Psychology 302,308, and Psychology 301,309,408. Required collateral courses are: Missions, 4 hours. 103. EVANGELISM AND TEACHING. (2) An explanation and demonstration of the methods of preparing and presenting Biblical material, including ways of leading the pupil to an intelligent acceptance of Christ as Saviour. 104. BIBLICAL BACKGROUNDS. (2) A geographical survey of the ancient Bible world together with a study of customs and manners in Bible times. 201. SURVEY OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION. (3) Introduction to the field of Christian education to acquaint the student with its scope, functions, problems and vocational opportunities. 204. FIELD WORK. (0) Personal and group conferences on the practical Christian service of the Christian Education major including vis itation, reports, and evalua­ tion of church curriculum materials. 301. ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION. (3) A functional study of the total educational program of the local church. 302. HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION. (3) A survey of the historical and philosophical progress of Christian education, tracing the importance of Christian leadership through



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