DIVISION OF EDUCATION, LIBRARY SCIENCE, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, AND PSYCHOLOGY Professors: Ehl e rt , Emerson (chairman ) Associate Professors: Cole, Jones, McCullough Assistant Professors: Comden, Hammond, Kade rs, Norman , E., S,1rver, Spence r, Suthe rland Instructors: Holmes , McDougall, Sharge l, Spindl e r EDUCATION The major function of this d e partme nt is th e professional preparation of students to teach at the e leme nhny leve l. An adequate pre paration of th e elementary school te ache r should include : a satisfactory subject matter foun­ dation ; a knowl edge of the pupil ; compe tency in the skills of teaching; the deve lopme nt and encourageme nt of c ritical judgme nt and creativity; and the developme nt of social and pe rsonal traits , e thi cal standards and Christian ideals of service. This program mee ts all th e requireme nts for c e rtification in California. REQUIREMENTS: In orde r to qualify for th e Standard T eaching Creden­ tial with a Specialization in Eleme ntary Teaching, a major, a minor and professional studies are required. In orde r to qualify for the Credential on condition , a major and professional studi e s must be completed. An additional thirty units of post-graduate work (including th e minor) must be completed within five years after rece ipt of th e Cred e ntial on condition. ACCEPTABLE MAJORS FOR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION STU­ DENTS: Each candidate must compl e te a major in one of the following areas: Biological Science, English , History, Humaniti e s, Language Arts , Music, Psychology, Social Science. (Re fer to th e prope r Division for d e tails .) ACCEPTABLE MINORS FOR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION STU­ DENTS: Physical Education , English , Fore ign Language, Speech , Biologi­ cal Science, History, Philosophy. PROFESSIONAL COURSES REQUIRED: All candidates for a Standard Credential in El eme ntary T e achin g must compl e te the following courses: Ed. 303, Psych. 301, Eel. 320-321 , Eel. 403-404 and e ith e r Eng. 410 or Eel. 326. The following may b e substituted for 320-321: 301, 305-306, 307, 309, 312 and 314. Students working toward cred e ntials must mee t standards of physical fitness and professional aptitud e . Information about th e se requirements may be secured from th e Education De partme nt. 301. PRINCIPLES AND CURRICULUM OF ELEMENTARY EDUCA­ TION. (2) Historical and sociological foundations of education. Consideration of accepted princ ipl e s of teaching and tre nds in curricular organization in the modern rural and urban e leme ntary school.


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