BIBLIOGRAPHY The following are all parallel in that each is designed to provide the student with a thorough knowledge of the basic bibliographic tools, books of ref­ erence, periodical and serial publications, and the more important general treatises in the history, philosophy, and expos ition of the particular area of knowledge. Principles of critical evaluation are stressed, and laboratory work involves the location of various kinds of information in the field. The basic outlines of the chief library classification systems for each subject are studied. 451. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY. (1) 452 . BIBLIOGRAPHY OF RELIGION. (1) 453 . BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES. (1) 454. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF EDUCATION AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. (1) 455. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF LANGUAGES AND LINGUISTICS. (1) 456. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE SCIENCES. (1)


PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS Objective. The objectives of the Physical Education program are: 1, to teach sports skills; 2, to teach the necessity for, and the techniques of, phys­ ical fitness ; 3, to provide wholesome recreational activities and intramural sports; 4, to conduct intercollegiate athletics; and, 5, to provide a major in physical education. All freshmen and transfer students will be required to take PE 100, Phys­ ical Education Orientation, during the fall semester. All 100 level courses will be charged a $ .50 towel fee. Additional activity courses may be required in areas of individual weak­ ness. Elementary school teaching certification: Students studying for the ele­ mentary school teaching certificate, but not selecting physical education as a minor area of concentration should select PE 201 and three other physical education activity classes. Physical Education Major: The major consists of 46 units including skills activity courses. A candidate for th e physical education program must dem­ monstrate acceptable physical qualifications and abilities. The following lower division courses are required: 200 and 205. Upper Division PE 301, 302, 303 (W), 304, 309 (W), 400, 404 (M), 405, 406. Men will select any three from PE 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315. Women will take PE 320, 321, 322,323,324. NOTE: It is impera tive that students desiring to secure a Bachelor's de­ gree in the field of physical education plan their course with their major professor. Physical Education Minor: The minor cons ists of 18 hours. 12 hours of the 18 must be upper division. The PE minor is designed for those students particularly inte rested in a secondary area of teaching competence: And for those interested in employing organized sports and games in camp and church programs. The following courses are required for the minor: PE 205,


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