216. TECHNIQUES OF TEACHING TEAM SPORTS. (Women) (2) Knowl edge and fundamental skills of the game, team strategy and game management, tourname nts and game variations. 301. KINESIOLOGY.(3) An analysis of movement diveations in normal growth , and individual variations in posture and movement, and physieal alterations of structure and function. Prerequisite : Science 301 302. PHYSIOLOGY OF EXERCISE.(3) Physiological changes in human organism due to physieal exere is e. Prerequisite: Science 301 303. FIRST AID AND SAFETY.(2) Rev iew of the physiological structure and funetion; fundamentals of first aid and safety, lead ing to American Red Cross standard and advanced first aid certification. 304. RECREATIONAL LEADERSHIP.(2) A study of the basic qualifications of the suecessful leader of recrea­ tional groups, aims of a successful program , and techniques of organiz­ and administering the program. Recommended for youth club leaders and directors, and playground and camp assistants. 306. ELEMENTARY PHYSICAL EDUCATION.(2) Elementary school physical education procedures including postural and rh ythmic exercises , fundamentals of games . teehn iqu es ccl\'ering the simplest primary skills through the more diffieult seasonal sports , such as baseball, baske tball , football, and volleyball. Instruction in the d eve lopmen t of a program of physical educa tion on the e lementary school level. 307. SCHOOL HEALTH PROGRAMS.(2) Administrative relationships and procedures in conduct of schoo l health programs. Pre requ isite: Physical Education 200. 308. SPORTS OFFICIATING FOR MEN.(2) A sh1dy of rules , scoring and mechanics of officiating athletic events. It will include a number of seleeted activities and practice in aetual officiating is required . 309. SPORTS OFFICIATION FOR WOMEN. (2) A study of rules , scoring and mechanics of officiating athletic events. It will include a number of selected activities. Practice in aetual officiating is required. 310. ANALYSIS OF FOOTBALL AND SOCCER.(2) (Men) Emphasis on th e analysis and teaching of individual skills and team play. Various techniqu es of offensive and defensive tac ti cs and strat­ egy. Prerequisite: PE 128, PE 110. 311. ANALYSIS OF BASKETBALL.(2) (Men) History, rules, e lementary mastery of individual and team play, and methods of teaching basketball. Prerequisite: PE 125 Basketball 312. ANALYSIS OF TRACK AND FIELD.(2) (Men)


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