Additional ·requirements for Pre-Professional major is Psychology 307 and 416, plus six hours of electives. (total of 36 hrs .) The Pre-Professional Science requirements: Biological Science 201, 202, 301,404. The Non-Professional requirements in addition to the courses required of both majors: six hours of electives in the field of Psychology and Psychology 301 or Psychology 416. (total of 30 hrs.) · 205. OUTLINE OF GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY. (3) A brief survey of the field and principles of psychology with an attempt to establish meaningful re lations with other sciences. A prerequisite for all subsequent courses in psychology. 206. OUTLINE OF GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY. (3) A continuation of Psychology 205 with somewhat greater emphas is on personality, mental abnormality, individual differences; some bri ef acquaintance with the field of para-psychol ogy. 301. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY. (3) The application of social and psychological principles to the educati ve process; role of the teacher and learner; motivation, intelli­ gence, transfer of learning, measurement; influence of cultural values and American social structure on schools, school sys tems; recent and outstanding contributions in research and experimentation applying in the fi e ld. ~02. ADOLESCENCE. (3) A study of the nature, needs, and problems of adolescence with special reference to factors of spiritual significance . 303. STATISTICS I. (3) Introduction to the use of statistical methods and the interpr~tation of quantitative research. 304. STATISTICS II. (3) Continuation of Statistics I. 306. PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING. (3) Introduction to the basic concepts of intelligence, aptitude, interest, and personality testing. Practical experience in administering, scoring, and interpreting individual intelligence tests wi th special emphas is on the Wechsler and the Binet. 307. EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. (3) Principles and procedures of experimentati on; analysis in sensation, perception, motivation, learning, and reasoning. Prerequisite: Psy­ chology 305. 308. CHILD PSYCHOLOGY. (3) The development of the child from infancy to adolescence. 309. ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY. (3) Discussion of the underlying causes of abnormal behavior, various types of behavior disorders, and modern therapies employed.


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