Professor: Brown Associate Professor: McKissick

Assistant Professors: Heppner, Kindell, Lock, Schumacher, Unfried, Wong Instructors: Doss , Hooker, G., Lassiter, Remsen, Schaper, Schwarz, Whitaker ART Objective. Courses are designed to provide a rich background of art funda­ mentals, art techniques, and art methods. 101. INTRODUCTION TO THE FINE ARTS. (2) A comparative survey of music, painting, sculpture, and architectu re. A study of periods and styles. 102. BEGINNING OIL PAINTING. (2) Painting in oil problems using still life and landscape. Fee: $8.00 103. DRAWING I. (2) 201. ART FUNDAMENTALS. (2) Fundamentals of design and compos ition in dark and light media, free hand drawing, elementary lettering, experience in rendering the vari­ ous media and materials in re lation to elementary and secondary school studies in art. Fee : $6 .00 . 202. TECHNIQUES OF ART. (2) Interpretative drawing; perspective; form techniques of various mediums. Fee: $6.00 and composition; basic Original work and design in survey of media and materials used in ele­ mentary and secondary schools. Crayon, charcoal, watercolor, pastel, finger painting, paper sculpture, paper mache and clay. Fee: $6.00 203. CERAMICS. (2) An analysis of form, function and decoration in ceramics through creati ve exploration of basic methods of clay construction and building, and casting. Fee: $8.00. 301. WATERCOLORI.(2) Interpretative painting using transparent and opaque paints. Fee: $6.00 302. HANDCRAFT. (2) Survey of crafts dealing with copper, mosaics, linoleum block printing, ceramics and leather. Fee $8.00 303. WATER COLOR II. (3) Studies in water color painting such as gouache, pen ink, landscape, seascape and portrait. Fee $6.00 304. OIL PAINTING II. (3) Studio experience in pictorial problems. Fee $8.00 306. ART WORKSHOP FOR TEACHERS. (2) Art experience for all grades. Understanding and c reative use of materials, tools, ideas, and as they apply to elementary and secondary education. Fee: $6.00.


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