MUSIC Objective. The object ive of the Department of Music is two-fold: (1) to provide competent instruction in the field of music, and (2) to provide the specialized training necessary for the fields of applied music, church music, and music education. Entrance Requirements. In addition to the regular College requirements, students entering the Department of Music must also pass an audition to determine performance level. Those unable to meet the depaitment require­ ments may in ce rtain cases be admitted on probation. Deficiencies must be removed before admission to th e upper division. Activities. The Department of Music provides opportunities for experience in several types of vocal and instrumental ensembles, including the Biola Chorale, Oratorio Chorus, Mens' Glee, Womens' Glee, Brass Ensemble, and String and Woodwind Ensemble. The Los Angeles Chapter of the American Guild of Organists sponsors a student chapter. The National Church Music Fellowship and the Music Educators National Conference also have organized student chapters. As part of the training program informal recitals are given by all those receiving individual instruction in appl ied music. Periodically the more advanced students are presented in public recital. Graduation recitals are presented by seniors with an applied music major. Attendance at all music recitals is requ ired of music majors. Opportunities. The increasing stature of Los Angeles as a music center provides exceptional opporhmities for hearing lead ing artists. One of th e nation's outstanding symphony orchestras, the Philharmonic of Los Angeles, presents two series of concerts each season. In the field of chamber music the Music Guild provides an additional series . Students are offered further oppor­ tunity fo hear the best in sacred music provided by various churches of the Los Angeles area. Service Opportunities. The metropolitan area furnishes many oppor­ tunities for remunerative service in th e field of music. There are frequent openings for competent organists, choir dfrectors, soloists, and accompanists, both in churches and on various radio and television programs. Scholarships. Service scholarships covering tuition and applied music fees are available for certain musically talented students ev idencing character and academic abi lity. Inquiries should be directed to the chairman of the department. Graduation Requirements. Church Music and Music Education majors must complete one year of practical training as a choir director or as an assistant to a church music director. Sh1dents using organ as a principal instrument in th ese majors must serve one year as organist in a local church . Applied music majors must present junior and senior recitals. All music majors must complete the minimum requ irements in piano proficiency as outlined by the department. Majors. Two professional majors leading to the Bachelor of Music degree are offered: Applied Music and Church Music. Two non-professional majors


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