305. MUSIC HISTORY AND LITERATURE I. (2) The history of music of Pre-Christian, Middle Ages, Renaissance , and early Baroque periods (Pre-Christian age through 17th century). 306. MUSIC HISTORY AND LITERATURE II. (2) The history of music of the Baroque and the early Classic periods (18th century). 405. MUSIC HISTORY AND LITERATURE III. (2) The history of music of the late Classic and Romantic periods (19th century). 406. MUSIC HISTORY AND LITERATURE IV. (2) The history of music of the Modern and the Contemporary Periods (20th ce ntury).


204. TEACHING CHORAL MUSIC. (2) Problems in choral organization and motivation; achieving balance, blend, intonation; interpretation of literature; program building; psy­ chology in rehearsal. 309. OBSERVATION AND PARTICIPATION - MUSIC. (1) Directed observation in the public schools, introduction to administra­ tive personnel, survey of school services, both elementary and secon­ dary levels. Participative teaching contacts with evaluations by district and college personnel. 321. STRING INSTRUMENTS: CLASS INSTRUCTION AND METHODS . (3) Elementary instruction in violin, viola, cello, and bass. A study of tone production, bowing, technique, and care of instruments . Plan­ ing a course of study for teaching strings in public schools. 322. WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS: CLASS INSTRUCTION AND METHODS. (3) Eleme ntary instruction in clarinet, flut e , oboe, bassoon , and saxo­ phone. A study of correct tone production, technique, and care of instruments. Planning a course of study for teaching woodwinds in public schools. 323. BRASS AND PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS : CLASS INSTRUCTION AND METHODS. (3) Elementary inst~ction in trumpe t, alto horn, French horn, trombon e , baritone horn, and tuba. A study of correct ton e production , technique, and care of instruments. The rudiments of snare drum and instruction in other percussion instrume nts . Planning a course of study. 421. MUSIC EDUCATION IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. (3) Purposes and procedures. A study of me thods used for pre sentation of varied musical experiences . Rote songs, rhythm, reading songs,


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