cre ative acti vities , musi c appreciation , dramatizations, and the playing of simpl e in strume nts . Consideration of the child voice. Survey of mate rials. 423 . \1USI C EDUCATION IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL. (3) Purpos e and procedure s. Organi zation of courses and activities, both choral and in strumenhd. \lusic appreciation . Study of methods, tech­ niqu e s , a nd p robl ems. Surve y of mate rials. 425. PIANO PEDAGOGY. (1) For th e teac he r of private piano. Prac tical procedures used in training ,1 stud e nt in touch , pedalling, ge ne ral musicianship, memorization, prope r practice habits , and sight-reading. Survey of graded literature. Planning of rec itals. 427. VOICE PEDAGOGY. (2) T eaching me thods and prac tice in teaching. Evaluation of vocal meth­ ods. Obs e rvation in voi ce class e s. 430. STUDENT TEACHI NG - \IUSIC. (4 ) Laborntory e xp e ri e nces in public sc hool classrooms unde r the direc­ ti on of qualifi ed supe 1Yi sing teach e rs. Expe rience in teaching music on hoth e leme ntary and secondary le ve ls. A seminar of one hour per wee k included in th e cours e requireme nts. Pre requisite: completion of all othe r d e partme nt requireme nts. APPLIED MUSIC Pri, ·ate in struction is offe red in th e following: organ , piano, voice , brass instrume nts , string instrume nts , woodwind instruments, accordion*, and h~·mn playing*. 181. ORGAN CLASS I. Rec1uired of all b eginning organ sh1de nts . Include s basic keyboard and pedal technique s, p ipe organ construction, and re p e rtory. *191. PIANO CLASS I. Six to te n stude nts. For th e stude nt with no previous training who de sire s to study appli ed musi c . *182. PIANO CLASS II. Continuation of 191. *193. VOICE CLASS I. Same d esc ription as 19 1. * 194. VOIC E C LASS II. Continuation of 193 . *Not allowed for credit toward th e appli ed music requirement of the Music \lajors. MUSIC ENSEMBLES Biola Choral e (3 hours weekl y, 1 credit pe~ semeste r). P e rformance of c horal works re pre se nting various styl es ,111d pe riods. Two-week tour during


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