Spring semester. Open to all students by aud iti on. Brass Ensemble (2 hours weekly, 1 credit per semester). Performance of the finest in brass rep e rtoire. Joins with th e Chorale in presenting c:hornl and brass compositions in concert. Open to all students hy audition. Oratorio Chorus (2 hours weekly, 1 c red it per semester). Performance of two major oratori os with orchestra eac: h year. Open to all students without audition. String and Woodwind Ensembl e (2 hours weekly, 1 credit per semester). Performance of Chamber music: for strings and wo<,dwinds. Ope n to ,ti! students by audition. Women 's G lee (2 hours week ly, 1 cred it per semester) . Perfornrnnc:e of the finest choral repertoire for women ' s vo ic es from various periods. Men's Glee (2 hours weekly, 1 c redit per semester). Performance of the finest c horal repertoire for me n's voices from various periods .

ADDITIONAL MUSIC COURSES (No t all owed for credit in the :-.1 usic: :-.1ajor)

171. SONG LEADING. (2 ) A s imp le cou rse in conducting especially designed to prepare th e stu­ dent to direct congregational singing through actual prac:tic:e and anal­ ysis of each student's performance. 251. BASIC MUSIC. (2) Required of all e lementary c red en tial candidates excep t music: majors. Instruction is given in fundam e ntals of music: covering the areas of notation, hi story of music, appreciation of music: , music:,t! forms and style, p laying th e piano, autoharp, tonette, and rhythm instruments. A survey of materials used in teaching th e singing, rhythmic:, liste ning, playing, and creative activiti es to chi ldren. 270. MUSIC APPRECIATION. (2) A non-technical course de s igned for non-music: majors to deve lop a more sympathetic and enjoyable acquaintance with musical art. In­ cludes a survey of music history with nume rous musical illustrations , the study of various types of music, basic: principl e s of music: form, methods of li stening, characteristics of various instrume nts , theme s of well-known works, e tc.


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