Professors: Bass , Chase (Chairman) Associate Professors: McGahey, Serrano Assistant Professors: Bicker, Buss, Doland, Gi lman, Poggemi ll er, Shane­ beck, W., Sturz, Weaver, \,Vetzler Instructors: i\.fc:!\lahon, Shanebeck, M. The Division of Humanities, in addition to majors in English and Speech, offers two divisional majors: Humanities and Language Arts. Division Major in Humanities: 30 units, of which 24 must be upper divi­ sion, 18 in one fi e ld of which 12 must b e upper division, and 6 upper division units in each of two remaining fields. The fields of study available: Literature, Philosophy, Language. The course requirements for the student's chosen fi e ld will be those set forth as th e department minor. Division Major in Language Arts: 30 units, of which 24 must be upper division, 18 in one field of which 12 must be upper division, and 6 upper division units in each of two remai ning fields . The fields of sh1dy available: English, Linguistics, and Speech. The studen t may select e ithe r English or Speech as his principal field of study; the course requirements for his chosen field will b e those set forth as th e department minor. The Division of Humaniti es in conjun c tion with the Division of Social Science also offers a major in Hispanic American Sh1dies. The major is de­ signed to provide a better understanding of the language, lite rature , history, and geography of the Hispanic World . The major cons ists of 30 units, of which 24 must be uppe r di vision , 12 units in a major field of concentration, 6 units in each of two minor fields, and 6 units of directed e lec tives . Present fields of concentration: Lan guage, Literature, and Hi story. Prerequisite for the Major: Spanish 201-202, 301-302, or equivale nt. Suggested courses: Spanish 303-304, 404-405 , 406-407, 499; History 305-306, 413; Political Science 305,307; Linguistics 333. ENGLISH Objectives. The D e partmen t of English has five objectives: the under­ standing of language as a means of communication ; the ability to speak and write with clarity of thought and mec hanical correctness; an understanding of liternhire as a record of th e development of human thou ght and the reflec­ tion of human history; the appreciation and enj oyment of good lite rature; and an acquaintance of the literary h e ritage of the English speaking world. Premajor Requireme nt: English 201,202; History 207. Department Major: 30 units (including English 202), of which 24 must b e upper division. As part of this 30 unit requireme nt, the sh1dent must complete English 315 and 415 and se lec t 3 units from each of the following two groups: (1) 309, 310; (2) 200, 314, 406; and 6 units from (3) 304,316,403,312, or 413, not including both 312 and 413. Department Minor: 18 units, of wh ich 12 must be uppe r division. In addi­ tion, the student must select 3 units in each of the three above mentioned groups. 52. REMEDIAL READING. (0) Improving speed, comprehension, and retent ion in reading sk ills. Pri­ maril y for freshmen , but open to all sh1dents .


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