CLASSICAL LITERATURE. (3) A survey of major Greek and Latin writers.


315. MODERN AMERICAN GRAMMAR. (3) An intensi ve study of modern grammar emphasizing the written rather than the spoken word and including a brief study of the follow­ ing: history and development of the English language, traditional grammar, and structural lingui stics. 316. HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. (3) Changes and growth in the lan guage development. A study of word formation and function. 317. EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LITERATURE . (3) A study of th e major works of the period. 321. POETRY. (3) Consideration of selected English and American non-dramatic poetry with attention to major d evelopments in poetic form and style. 401. CREATIVE WRITING. (3) A study of the literary forms . Workshop sess ions on writing th e short story, the essay, and various kinds of feahire art icles for magaz ines. 403. SHAKESPEARE. (3) A sh1dy of selected Shakespearean plays from th e standpoint of the universal human truths portrayed by the characte rs. 406. WORLD LITERATURE. (3) A study of some of the major works of the Western lite rary he ritage, exclusive of English and American selections, with an emphasis on imaginative lite rah1res from the Greek classics to th e nineteenth century. 408. MAJOR AMERICAN NOVELISTS. (3) A critical read ing and evaluation of the works of major literary spokes­ men. 410. CHILDREN'S LITERATURE. (2) An introduction to childre n's literature on all grade leve ls in elemen­ tary school with study of the historical trends, criteria for selection, and a student's compiled bibliography covering chi ldren's reading interests and expressional forms. 413. VICTORIAN PERIOD. (3) A study of the major poets and prose writers between 1813 and 1901. 415. LITERARY CRITICISM. (3) A study of critical methods with lectures on th e history and deve lop­ ment of lite rary cr iticism for th e purpose of providing a basis for the care ful evaluation of literary productions . 416. TWENTIETH CENTURY LITERATURE. (3) A study of twenti eth cen tury literahire with emphasis upon American and English writers.


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