HUMANITIES extensive reading in both classical and New Testament Greek. Prerequisite: Koine or classical Greek grammar. 301,302. HELLENISTIC. (3, 3) Readings from the Septuagint, together with selections from Jewish and pagan writers of the Koine period. Prerequisite: two years of Greek. 401,402. PATRISTIC GREEK. (3,3) Historical background and selected readings from the Greek church fathers. Prerequisite: two years of Greek. 403,404. READINGS IN CLASSICAL GREEK. (1-3, 1-3) Selected readings in Homer, Greek drama, philosophy, lyric poetry, history and Attic orators. Prerequisite: two years of Greek. PORTUGUESE 101 , 102. PORTUGUESE. (3, 3) Basic grammar and simple composition, conversation and reading of simple texts. 201,202. PORTUGUESE. (3, 3) Advanced grammar and ·composition, conversation and readings in the literature of Brazil and Portugal. SPANISH Students who have taken 2 years of High School Spanish may not take Spanish 101 for credit. Students wi th 3 or 4 years of High School Spanish should consult with Department for proper placement. Students whose native language is Spanish may not take lower-division courses for credit. 101, 102. ELEMENTARY SPANISH. (3, 3) A course designed to give the student a background in the fundamen­ tals of pronunciation, grammar, conversation and reading. (3 hours lecture, 1 hour lab.) Prerequisites: 101, none; 102, 2 yrs. High School Spanish, 101, or equivalent. 201 , 202. INTERMEDIATE SPANISH. (3, 3) Advanced grammar, composition, increased facility in reading and conversation. 301, 302. ADVANCED CONVERSATION AND COMPOSITION. (3, 3) A course designed to give more advanced ability in conversation, reading and writing Spanish. Prerequiste to further advanced courses. Prerequisites: 301,202 or equivalent; 302,301 or equivalent. *404, 405. SURVEY OF SPANISH AMERICAN LITERATURE. (3, 3) A survey of the literature of Hispanic America from colonial to modern times: reading and discussion of the outstanding literary works and movements . Conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: 302 or equivalent, 404 not pre-requisite to 405. Prerequisites: 201, 3 years High School Spanish, 102 or equivalent; 202, 4 years High School Spanish, 201 or equivalent.


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