244,245. INTERCOLLEGIATE FORENSICS. (1, l ) Practical speec h e.\pe rience in d e bate a nd other forms of contest speak­ ing. 251. ELEMENTS OF DHAMATIC PRODUCTION. (3) Lecture s, d e monstrations , assignme nts and laborato ry experience in the theory a nd pract ice of production. Lighting, construction and pa in ting of sce ne ry, assembling of stage prope rti e s and methods of coshnning. Management, promotion and re hearsals . Preparation and prese ntation o f a three-act play two cons ec utive nights. 261. ELEMENTS OF DHAMATIC INTERPRETATION. (3 ) Lectures, demonstrations , assignments and labora tory experience in acting and directing. Play analysis, casting, the ac tor 's resources and methods, and c:larity of e.\ pression. Stage composition, balance, move .. me nt, and business in addition to oral inte rpre tation and vo ice d evelop­ me nt. Production of a three-act play presented two cons ecutive ni ghts . 301. PERSUASIVE SPEAKING. (3) Study of th e various th eo ries of p e rsuasion; anal ys is of some conte m­ porary app li cations of persuasi ve th eory. Practice in th e cons tru c tion and d e !ive ry of speec hes . 321 ,322. CORRECTIVE SPEECH METHODS. (3, 3) Anal ysis of speech and vo ice diso rd ers; principles ,tnd m e thods of correction. PHONETICS. (Linguistics 33 1) 344. ARGUMENTATION. (3) A study of e ffective communi ca tion with emphasis upon th e bas ic principl e s of reason ing, ev idence, and organization. Practice in th e construction and d e !ive ry of argume ntative speech es. 361. ADVANCED DRAMATIC INTEHPRETATION. (3) Continuation of Speech 261 with spec ial atte ntion on th e actor 's re­ sources: vo ice, moveme nt, emotion, expre ssion , and te mpo. Stre ss on s tage busine ss and c haracte ri zation. 401. FOR:'-.IS OF PUBLIC ADDRESS. (3 ) Analysis of the legis lative, lega l, cere monial, campaign, and sermonic forms of public addre ss; consid e ration of outstanding speec h e s that illu stra te th ese forms; some practice in speech composition and d e ­ li ve ry. 403,404. HISTORY OF RHETORIC AND PUBLIC ADDRESS. (3, 3 ) Survey of th e leading trend s in rh e to ri cal th e ory and practice; anal ys is of sel ecte d treatises and orations. 405. GROUP COMMUN ICATION. (3) A survey of contemporary th eo ri e s in communica tion as a basis for und ers tandin g, evalu<lting, and pa rti c ipating in group communi ca tion.


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