Professors: Davidhe iser (chairman), Soubirou Associate Professors: L eo, Urton Assistant Professors: Graham, Hopkin s Instructors: Bruce, Johnson


Objectives. Thi s d e partme nt has a two-fold obj ective : (1) to g ive the stu­ d e nt th e broad view of science, its methodology and discoveries nece ssary for inte lli gent li ving in a technolo gical age ; and (2) to provide th e instruction in spec ifi c fi e lds need ed for furth e r work in sc ie nce, psychology, and educa­ tion.

Premaj or Requirements: Sci e nce 103, 201,202,203 , Math e matics 111.

Departme nt Major: 24 uppe r division units.

D e partme nt Minor: 18 units , 12 upp e r division.

201 , 202. GENERAL BIOLOGY. (4,4 three hours lec ture and three hours laboratory) A survey cou r se acqua intin g th e student with th e vari e ty of living things and introducing th e bas ic principles by which th ey exist. The significance of th ese p rinciples to man emphasized. F irst semester, in vertebrates and plants. Second semes te r, ve rtebrates. F ee : $7 .. 50 203 . GENERAL BOTANY. (4, three hours lec ture, three hours laboratory) A study of th e I ife histori es , structu re, and physio logy of plants . 204. CO~1PARATIVE ANATOMY. (4, three one hour lectures, one three hour laboratory) An a natomi cal comparison of microscop ic and macroscopic structures of th e squa lus aconthes, turtle , foeta l pig and cat. Fee: $7 ..50 301. Al\'ATO\1Y AND PHYSIOLOGY. (6, fiv e one hour lec tures, one three hour l;Jboratory). An introduction to th e basic structures and function of the human body. Pre requi site: Sci e nce 201. F ee : $10.00 .30.3. THE VASCULAR PLANTS . (4, three hours lec ture, three hours labora­ tory ) Structure, physiology, and c lass ifi cat ion of th e vascu lar plants, with fi e ld work. 304. ECOLOGY. (3) Re lationships of living things to each ot he r and to their environments.


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