A course design ed to familiarize th e student with current an thinking on th e ori gin of th e organic world. Introduc tion to th e discoveries and th e current thou ght in this fi e ld leading to te lli gent evaluation of th e availabl e ev ide nce. Pre requisite : Science 201 and 202 or th e ir equivalent.

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Complete study of th e anatomy of th e ne rvous system. Prerequisites: Psychology 205,206 , Science 201 , 202, and 301. F ee: $5.00 404. GENETICS. (4 , three hours lec ture and three hours laboratory) Introduc tion to th e laws of he red ity. A cons ideration of th e op of these laws in plants , animals, and man. Prerequisite: 201 and 202 or th e ir equi va le nt.



Objective. The purpos e of this departme nt is to provide a background in math emati cs which is need ed for furth e r work in educa tion , psychology, and sci e nce. 51. BASIC MATHEMATICS. (0 ) Survey of basic arithmetic and algebra co ncepts . Proficiency in reason­ ing and computation stressed. Required of all students who fail to meet minimum required standard s of mathematical ability. (Mee ts 4 hours pe r week.) 103. COLLEGE ALGEBRA. (3) Rev iew of fundamen tal princip les; lin ear and quadrati c equations ; logarithms ; binomial th eo ry; co ni c sec tions ; d e te rminants. Prerequi­ site: two years of hi gh schoo l algebra. 104. CALCULUS I (3) Smvey of analytical geome try and th e fundam e ntal co nce pts of dif­ fe re ntial and integral calculus , w ith ap plica ti ons. Pre requisites: Trigonometry, Math 103, or pe rmi ss ion of instruc tor. 111. FUNDAMENTALS OF MATHEMAT ICS . (5) The numbe rs system and algebraic structures; modular arithmetic; se t th eory , functions ; experime ntal and informal geome try, poshtlational me thods. Pre requisite: 51 or passing sco re on Mathema tics Placeme nt T e st. 121. FOU DATIONS OF MATHEMATICS. (3) Topics selected from .mod e rn algebra, anal ytical geometry, probab ility and logic. Pre requisite : 111 or permission of instruc tor.


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