Educational Philosophy: Becaus e we are convinced that th e re is a need for more qualified Christian nurs es, we are proposing this coo rdinated pro­ gram in general coll ege education and nursing. The program is five years in length. It will give ample opportunity for a thorough Christian education with a major in Biological Science and Nurs ing. It will give a continuing hospital experience without fragm e ntation and a continuing association with peopl e ot different ages and condit ions . Objective: This program leading to th e Bnch e lor of Science degree with a major in Biological Science and Nursing is designed to pre pare th e graduate for C hri st ian serv ice. The Nursing diploma obtained from th e Los Angeles County General Hospital School of Nursing qualifies the graduate for service on a hospital or clinic staff at home or aborad. Admission: Stude nts are e li gible to apply for admission to th e Biola Nurs ing Program if they (1) have bee n admitted to Biola Col lege and (2) have completed algebra , p lan e geometry, two years of foreign language, and chemistry in high schoo l.

Candidates for e nrollme nt are accepted on th e basis of:

(1) sat isfactory completion of course requiremen ts ,

(2) personal refe rences as required by th e D epa rtmen t of Nursing of th e College,

(3) counseling inte rvi ews with memb e rs of the facu lty of th e School of Nursing,

(4) p hysical examinations conducted at Student Health Service of th e School of Nursing,

(5) demonstrated aptitudes, as meas ured by a series of tes ts req uired by the School of Nursing.

To qualify for admission to the Biola nursin g program, th e s tudent must satisfy th e facu lty of the Coll ege and the School of Nursing that she possesses the personal characteristics esse ntial for the practice of Christian nursing education. A coordinating program has b een developed which involves three organi­ zat ions and a co-ordinator. The three organizntions involved arc: Biola Col­ lege, Los Ange les County Genera l Hospital School of Nursing, and East Los Angeles Coll ege. The co-ordinator is i\l is s Leonie V. Soubirou , Professor of Nursing in Bio la College and D ean of Biol a School of \I issionary .\ledicine .

This program wi ll require the comp letion of spec ific courses as outlin ed in the catalogs of both Biola College and Los Angeles County General Hos-


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