300. DEVELOPMENT OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT (3) An ide ntifi ca tion , a nalys is a nd c riti cal evaluation of th e economic: ideas of th e major schools of econom ic thought since th e Prote stant Re formation with spec ial emphasis upon th e evo luti on and revolution of id eas . 350. MONEY, CREDIT AND THE ECONOMY. (3) Inve stigation of nature, functions , and fl ow of mon ey and cred it and this influ e nce on th e level of aggregate expe nditures, p ri ce, employ­ me nt and output with a spec ia l emphasis on th e anal ys is of comme rc ial banking, finan c ia l inte rm ediari es, mon e tary sys te m and policy of th e United States . GEOGRAPHY 301. INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. (3) A stud y of th e basic ph ys ic,\ ] e le me nts of geogrnphv suc h as climate, landforms , so il s, and natura l vege tation toge th e r w ith th e ir in te grate patterns of world distribution. 302. INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY. (3) A sh1dy of basic cultura l e le me nts of geography suc h a s population distribution , ge ne rnl land- u se patte rn s, trad e, and their corre lation with the p hys ical e lements. HISTORY D e partme nt Major: 30 units, of w hi c h 24 a re upp e r di,·ision , in c ludin g 403,404 , 411 ,412,413 , and Po liti cal Sci e nce 301 ,302. History 205-206 require d o f a ll History majors .

Departme nt Mino r: 18 units, of w hi c h 12 mu st h e II ppe r cl i, ·ision.

~ l, 102. HISTORY OF WESTERN C IVILIZATIO!\'. (3 ,3) · F irst semes te r : a survey of th e hi story of th e an c ie nt \1 edite rran e an world from th e earli es t record s of man to Protes tant Re formation. Second semes te r: th e development of c ivili zation from th e Reformation to th e present. 203 . SURVEY OF AMERICAN HI STORY. (3) A survev of Amer ican hi storv from th e Colonial pe ri od to th e pres e nt. Atte ntio'n given to th e soc ial , economic , politica l, and religiou s in ­ stitution s that have played important rol es in th e deve lopme nt of Ame ri ca. This course and Political Science 201 sa ti s fi e s the state require men t fo r Am e ri ca n Hi story. This co urs e does not meet th e requireme nts for th e History and Soc ia l Sc ie nce majors. Stud e nts in in th ese majors mu st tak e history 205-206. i o5, 206. UNITED STATES HI STORY. (3, 3) A study of th e growt h a nd d e , ·e lopment of th e Un ite d States; coloni za­ tion , pre- revoluti onary p e riod , d eve lopment of co nstih1ti onal govern-


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