ment; social and economic influence s in the nineteenth century; political deve lopme nt to th e pres e nt clay ; the Unitecl States as a world power. This course satisfi es the state requiremen ts for American History and Constitution. Required of all History majors. A survey of English histor~· from the Anglo-Saxon period to the pres­ ent. The first semester deals with the formation of British society to 1688. Th e second semeste r concentrates on Britain in the mode rn world. Spec ial emphasis is given to politic,tl , social, and cultural in­ stitutions and their influ e nc e upon th e Un ited States. 301. 302. \1EDIEVAL HISTORY. (3, 3) J 207,208. ENGLISH HISTORY. (3, 3) A su1Yey of \.Veste rn Europea n history from the fall of Rome to the Protestant Reformation. A study of medieval institutions with special emphasis on the trnnsition in arts , letters, and learning from the med­ ieval to th e mod e rn age. Includes th e political, soc ial, and re ligious phases of th e Re fornrntion. 303. ANCIENT HIS~fOH.Y. (3) A stuclv of th e ancie nt empires of th e East and Greek Peninsula to th e defeat of the Greeks by th e Homans. Special attention given to art, lite rature, and political in stitutions and their subsequent influence upon \Ves te rn Civilization. 304. RO\IAN HISTORY. (3) A stud\· of,ln historv from its beginning to th e fall of th e Empire . Emphasis upon Rome' s part in th e pre paration of th~ Mediterranean world for the spread of Christianity, and Home's contributions to \\l es tern civilization. 305,306. HISPANIC A\IEH.ICAN HISTORY. (2,2) A survey of Hispani c American history from th e Colonial Pe riod to the present. Special emphasis 01 1 th e development of the re ligious , political, cu ltural, economic, and social institutions. 307. CALIFOR:---:IA HISTORY. (3) Exploration and colonization ; th e \lexican period; the com ing of th e Americans ; statehood; th e social, economic and political developments as a part ofthe Unitecl States . 401. 402. EUROPE IN THE SEVEA'TEENTH AND EIGHTEENTH CENTURIES. (3; 3 ) First Semes te r: th e hi storv of Europe,m culture, institutions , politics in th e seventee nth century (1610-1715). Second Semester: th e historv of European culture , institutions , ,rncl politics from the death of Louis XIV to th e Co llaps e ofthe :----apol eonic Empire (1715-1815). 403, 404. EUROPE IN THE NINETEENTH AND TWENTIETH CENTUH.IES. (3,3) First Semes te r: the historv of Europe from the e nd of the Napoleonic Empire to th e e ncl of the Franco-Pru ss ian War (1815-1870). Emphasis on the ris e of nationalism, libe ralism, inte rnational re lations , and in-


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