relations, ,rnd other subj ects of national interest, e tc. Satisfies th e state rec1uiremen t in institutions in American History. 305. COi\1PARATIVE GOVERNMENTS . (3) A compa rativ e study of the gove rnm e ntal system of the leading countries of Europe and Asia. Major emphas is placed on suc h represe n­ tative types of governments as Enghlnd, Russia, France, Germany, Japan , i\l ex ico, Brazi l, and C hina. 307. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. (3) A survey of th e nationa l-state system, forces affecting inte rnational re ­ lation s, so urces of con fli c t in world politics, and th e ir solution by pow­ e r po liti cs and inte rnati onal coopera tion. 401. THE CONDUCT OF Ai\ lERICAN FOREIGN POLICY. (3) An analysis of the nature , co nte nt, moti vations, objectives, principl es, practices, and institutional framework of American foreign poli cy.


202 . SOCIOLOGY. (3) An introducti o n to the study of social gro up s, th e ir inte rac tions and th e ir effec ts on th e indi v idual. Consideration of fami ly, cu lture, race re lat ions , and population prob le ms. 301. \l ARRIAGE AND THE FA\IILY. (3) The family as a socia l institution. Hi stori cal development of the mod ern familv ; cu rrent trends in family struch1re an d fun c tion s; problems of family li fe; ana lys is of American cou rtshi p and marriage patterns. 303. JU\'E ' ILE DELINQUENCE. (3) Cha r,1cte r, e xten t and causes o f j uvenil e de! inquency; social law and cr imina l justice; p re vention and con tro l; tre nd s in theory a nd cor­ rect ional procedure s. 304. CRI\tl INOLOGY. (3) Social and psyc hol ogical fac tors in c rimina l b e havior; criminal law and criminal jus ti ce ; p reve ntion and cont ro l; tre nds in theo ry ,rnd correc­ ti onal procedures. 305. ' RAC IAL AND \lll\ORITY GROUPS. (3) Anal ys is on racial and cultural minoriti es in th e Un ited States; th eo ry and practice of inte rgroup re lations. 308. SOCIAL STRATIFICATION. (3) i\'ature , theory and functions of soc ial stratification; c rite ria of social stratifi cat ion differentiation, stah1s and ro le; comparati ve sys tems of stratification. 309. CO \li\lUNITY ORGANIZATION. (3) D evelopment and inte rre l,1tionship of private and public social serv­ ices wi thin th e community. Theories and p rinc ipl es utili zed in p lan­ ning and coord inati o n of such se n ·ices in re la ti on to the needs and problems of th e community.


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