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A Reason to Write by Celeste M. Gros

Many people ask me why I write children’s books. Why not any other type of book? I look at them kind of perplexed. Do you really need a “reason” to write? Writing is such a beautiful way to express your feelings, dreams, desires and fantasies. It allows you to share truths, life experiences and knowledge. Writing can take you to a different place and help people to benefit from your words and emotions. So then why a Children’s Book? Children are innocent and teachable. What better way to teach a child a lesson than through writing an adventure book. I recently published, “The Adventures of Winston the Little Black Poodle, Winston Runs Away” as a way to teach children that listening to their parents or caregivers can save them a lot of heartache and keep them free from danger. Children are wide eyed when it comes to adventure and captivating a child’s attention through an adventurous story is truly rewarding. As a mother of two daughters, as young children they were always willing to listen anxiously as I read to them. They couldn’t wait for the meanings behind the stories. Some were funny, some were scary but all were adventures and they all taught a lesson. My children, like all children, dreamed of the adventures that were read to them. These stories left impressions in their hungry little minds of how life works and what is good and evil. The Do's and Dont's? are all included in the books we read but the hardest thing is choosing the right books. Choosing a children’s book can sometimes be very difficult. There are millions of books to choose from; including all topics imaginable. I suggest the adult read the book first, then read it to the child. If the topic is acceptable, then the child will

benefit from the lesson taught in that book and their minds will be filled with positive ideas. I am also a strong believer that books are beautiful ways to not only teach children lessons, but warn their hearts and spark their imagination. Even as adults, we can all go back and remember a book that we read as a child that we learned something from. This happens every day. So once again, what is my reason to write? The best answer is the joy I get from the face of a child when I see them reading my book. It’s priceless.

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