Big English 2 Teacher Book Level 6

Dreams for the Future

Objectives Reading • Can understand short school-related messages in emails, text messages, and social media posts. • Can distinguish between fact and opinion in a simple text. • Can draw simple conclusions about the information given in a factual text on a familiar topic. Listening • Can understand the main information in short, simple dialogs about familiar activities, if spoken slowly and clearly. • Can identify clearly stated opinions in extended, informal conversations on matters of personal interest, if the speakers use clear standard speech.


• Can make simple predictions about the future, given a model. Writing • Can write short, simple personal emails/letters describing future plans, given prompts or a model. Grammar • Can use the future continuous with reference to actions in progress at a specific time in the future.

Unit Projects

Family Connection Have students tell their families that they’re talking in class about their dreams for the future. Encourage students to interview family members to find out what they think they’ll be doing in five, fifteen, or twenty-five years. Suggest that students take notes so that they can share their family members’ future ambitions with the class.

T Unit  Overview

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