King's Business - 1927-09

By Developing a StrongRichVoice More than 20,000men and women all over the country have developed powerful, beautiful voices by Physical Voice Culture. You, too, can build up a strong, magnetic, com­ pelling voice that will be the marvel of your friends, and your key to success and fame.

Read the letters on this page frommen and women who havemade their dreams come true by this wonderful, scientific method of voice culture. You can continue your pres­ ent occupation and mode of life while you study inyour own home —and the cost is nominal — only a very sm all amount each month as you study. brovement It makes no difference whether you wish to improve your voice for your own pleasure or fo r professional singing. The man or woman sing­ ing in the home—the opera or con­ cert singer—the choir singer—all canimprove their voices 100%, atthe very least,byPhysicalVoice Culture. W e absolutely guarantee 1 0 0 % improvement or your tuition will be gladly refunded. You alone a re to be the judge.

Gives Physical Voice Culture Credit for Grand Opera Voice Each 24 hours brings me a stronger and better hold on my voice. I feel like telling you of it each day when I think back to six years ago when catarrh had just about finished my hearing and voice. I joined the Los Angeles Opera Company this Spring and wewill have five Operas ready in September. It is reallypatheticto see the starpupils fromthe greatvoice masters try for a place in the Company. Some very" pretty, but weak, palate attacks, throat and lip attacks. I work hard all day and your silent exercises are & wonderful rest.—Bert Longtre.

Harry Lompierre Finds the “Right Way” I wish to give credit where « w s - credit is due. The past twelve ¡ j |||i years have been spent in pro- fessional singing.


Believing that I had at last found “the right way,” I cancelled an mtsrl i r d » ° t gyour w S Today my voice is completely new. Formerly, I could oing only a fair ‘‘.F” (fifth line). .Now I can sing high B” flat, with a rich, reso- nant, manly tone. —Harry Lorn-

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Church Singer Delights Congregation I cannot help but say “ Thank God” for everything you have done for me. A s I sang in church yesterday people turned to

see who was singing.



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I hope you will always think of me as one who has made a big Buccess m

pierre. the work 1 chose to do.—Carolyn Baker. fo r obvious reasons the names signed to these letters have been changed. Bat the letters are all true and the real names o f writers will be sent on request. ______ InspiringBookNowFBE .■■■■■■■■■ m o J C m m .hsv*> f Singer Triumphs Over Perfect Voice Institute, Studio ss-is i j e i iU L ,OU pO tl i rv ___ I 1920 Sunnyside Ave., Chicago, ill. ■ f D iscouragem ent Please send me, FREE and without any obligation, P rof. Feuch- ■ The coupon win bring V®M ^ B you think one year ago that I would now be singing tinker’s new book, “Physical Voice Culture.” I have checked the S FREE c o w of PhysicaM^oice as high as high C”? I am very sure that I dtdn t. subject in which I am most interested. ■ on voice building. Do not hesi- I often think of that hopeless first letter I wrote to you □ Weak Voice □ Stammering a , , , ask for ¡t jt is FREE and I want to thank you for the help you have given me d Singing a Speaking . and need not be returned. This and especially for the cheering ietters at the beginning may be the first step in a great when I needed boosting along the worst way. Name ------------------------------------------------------------------«g- - ■ career for you. Send the cou- Hoping that you will believe me to be ever your grate- Address ! p o n T O D A Y I ful friend.—Mrs. Mary Brown. ^ra — •r 7 ~n^rzr 'TZZZ : PerfectVoice Institute, 1920 I S 8*6.*ve'’Chicago -’

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