Board Converting News, May 18, 2020

ICPF Works Around COVID Pandemic, Continues Donations To Universities Though some deliveries have suffered minor delays during the pandemic, the International Corrugated Pack- aging Foundation (ICPF) continues to provide equipment and grants to its partner universities. Recent equipment and financial awards have been provided or committed to Rutgers, Western Michigan Uni- versity, Millersville University, Indiana State, North Caroli- na State, University of Texas - Arlington, Cal Poly, Virginia Tech, and Lewis Clark State College. These ICPF award commitments have been subject to each university meet- ing annual goals that are tracked by both ICPF and ICPF’s independent auditor. Upcoming 2020 ICPF donations include a TMI Medi- um Fluter and accessories at North Carolina State Uni- versity, where ICPF placed a CAD table last year; 20 com- puters, 20 computer desks and chairs and a stipend for new adjunct packaging instructors at University of Texas Arlington, where ICPF placed a large scale digital printer last year; and a TMI Sommerville Screen Disintegrator at Cal Poly. The timing of these planned placements have been dependent on when faculty and students return to campus and the availability of some components from manufacturers that may not re-open until later this year. CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

Boring? If we didn't paint it this way, it wouldn't get noticed.

When it comes to a baler that takes care of business, boring reliability is the holy grail. But right-sized automation that makes the baler an operator-friendly and low-maintenance part of your operation is no less important. The Balemaster brand of balers delivers both. (Paint job is extra.)

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May 18, 2020

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