good citizens respect authority and submit to the laws of the land. The College encourages the students to paricipate actively, while in college and throughout life, in the development of the general welfare of their fellowmen, both in community and national life. It further seeks to instill a genuine concern for the general welfare of mankind the world around. Cultural Objectives: The College seeks to provide students with a wholesome cultural pro­ gram which will inculcate an appreciation for the finer things of life as expressed in the fine arts, literature, history, and the civilizations of peoples and nations both past and present. Social Objectives: The College seeks to provide the students with a well-rounded social program that will develop personality and fit them in a normal and wholesome manner to take their places in home, local church, and com­ munity. The program is further designed to develop and maintain high moral standards in the lives of the students, for their own benefit and in order that they might serve as wholesome examples and leaders wherever they may live and work. Spiritual Objectives: The College aims to send forth men and women who express through their lives a complete and valid commitment to the claims of Christ; a comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God, with ability to use it in all walks of life in leading men to Christ and, with wisdom, to teach it to beilevers that they may grow in grace; and an enduement with power by the infilling of tbe Holy Spirit, expressing itself m Christian love for all men and a desire for their salvation. Vocational Objectives: The College seeks to provide thorough preparatory trammg in those areas of its curriculum in which students may desire to pursue graduate work leading to a profession. It seeks also to provide adequate terminal training in those areas of its curriculum which are .designed to prepare students for their life work.


The conduct of a Biola College student is expected to conform to the highest Christian standard. The rule by which he lives is the earnest striving for God's approval and the conscious protection of his Christian testimony. Specifically, there are certain practices which are contrary to the standards of Biola College and from which, therefore, all students are to refrain as long as they are in school: the use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco, attendance at commercial theatres, dancing, the use of playing cards, and gambling in any form. 14

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