BOOK STORE The school operates the Biola Book Room, which handles the textbooks used in all classes.

THE LIBRARY The Biola Library is under a unified administration, and the mam collection serves all Biola schools. Departmental collections are also main­ tained for the two graduate schools: The School of Missionary Medicine and Talbot Theological Seminary. Present holdings include about 28,000 volumes, including periodicals, and a collection of 287 Braille titles . In auxiliary collections are to be found pamphlet fil es, a curriculum collection for the Education Division and the Christian Education Department, an audio-visual center in which are flat pictures, flannelgraph materials, slides, phonograph records, object lessons, a story file, etc. A number of special indexes provide access to the complete run of The King's Business magazine and to partial runs of other periodicals, to songs and hymns, sermons and sermon outlines, homiletic and poetic illustrations, and similar materials. The main public catalog and other card fil es contain in a ll approximately 140,000 cards. Students also have access to the huge collection of the Los Angeles Public Library half a block away, and graduate students have access to all the scholarly libraries of the area, which contain several million volumes. The staff consists of the Librarian, three Assi stants, and several part-time student assistants. The Librarian is Director of the Library Science Depart­ ment, which offers a minor in the College. The Library is an ideal workshop for students in Library Science, and it is the purpose of the staff to make it a model for study. Cataloging is being done according to the standards of the American Library Association and the Library of Congress. AUDIO VISUAL AND FILM PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT The Audio Visual and Film Production Department exists for the pur­ pose of editing and showing educational films, producing film for educa­ tional and missionary purposes, and of providing other recording and projective equipment needed for l ecture or clinical work in all college departments. SUMMER SESSION Each year the College conducts a Summer Session in which members of the regular faculty serve as instructors. College credit is granted upon satisfactory completion of courses. The regu lar academic entrance require­ ments apply to those who enroll during the Summer. For information concerning the Summer Session, write to the Director of the Summer Session. 15

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