Students transferring from accredited schools will receive credit for courses which are equivalent to Biola's requirements for graduation. Stu­ dents transferring from non-accredited institutions may receive credit in Bible and related subjects by validation examinations or by satisfactory completion of twelve units of work taken during the first semester. A minimum grade average of "C" is required for admission with advanced standing. Students entering the College with advanced standing must meet the residence requirements for graduation: the Senior year of residence with at least twelve hours of classroom work per semester. SPECIAL STANDING. Those who present reasons satisfactory to the Admissions Committee are privileged to take an elective course consisting of a minimum of five hours of classroom work which includes at least one Bible subject. Unless sufficient reason is presented, a student is not allowed to remain in this classification for more than one year. REGISTRATION All students should register during scheduled registration days. Late registration will continue two weeks after the regular registration days. A late registration fee of $5.00 will be charged during the first week, and $10.00 during the second week. Registration is not complete until tuition and fees have been paid. Students will receive credit for only those courses in which they are officially enrolled in the Registrar's Office. CHANGE OF REGISTRATION A student who finds it necessary to drop or add a subject must secure from the Registrar's Office the proper form for such procedure. A student who drops a course without fulfilling this requirement will receive an "F" in the subject. A charge of fifty cents is made for each class change. Changes in registration may be made during the two weeks of late registration. After that date courses cannot be added. Courses may be dropped without penalty during the first six weeks of class work provided that the student is doing work of a passing grade at the time of withdrawal. A grade of "F" is given for work below passing grade. Students who drop a course for reasons of health after the sixth week must secure from the Medical Department a statement of physical inability to carry the academic load. WITHDRAWAL A student who officially withdraws from college during a semester will receive a grade of "W" in all courses in which the work is of passing grade at the time of withdrawal; otherwise, a grade of "WF" will be given. A student who withdraws may be granted honorable dismissal provided that he has met all of his financial obligations to the college, has secured from the Admissions Office and completed all forms for withdrawal, and is in good standing at the time. A student who withdraws unofficially, that is, has not completed the proper forms supplied by the Admissions Office, will not receive a refund 17

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