SCHOOL HONORS Students completing their course with a grade point average of 2.25 are graduated Cum Laude. Students with a 2.5 average are graduated Magna Cum Laude. Each year elections to membership in the Biola Chapter of Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Society are made from the members of the graduating class who have a scholastic average of 2.5 or better throughout their course. The Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Society was established to give recognition to high scholastic attainment in Christian colleges and Bible Institutes.

PERMANENT RECORDS The College has all academic records in fir eproof quarters.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION Freshmen under twenty-five years of age taking twelve or more units are required to enroll in Physical Education 101-107, unless excused by the Medical Department. Transfer students are required to take these courses unless they have satisfied this requirement in another college. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES All groups or individuals who represent the College must manifest satisfactory standing as to application, cooperation, spiritual life, and scholastic attainment (the over-all grade point average, as well as the average for the preceding semester, must be C), and must be approved by the faculty. VETERANS Biola is authorized to train students under Public Laws 550, 894 and 634, and under the State of California Veterans' Educational Institute . Persons who desire to attend school under one of these Bills should secure a Certificate of Eligibility from their local office of Veterans' Administration before Registration Day. Manied veterans who desire subsistence for depen­ dents should have substantial proof for such dependency, such as marriage certificate and birth certificates of their children. Persons under these Bills who have not received authorization by the time of registration must be prepared to assume responsibility for all fees covered by the authorization. Any fees paid by the student will be refunded when authorization is received.


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