Scholarships are awarded to students of high scholastic achievement. Other criteria such as character, personality, leadership qualities, need, marked success in general high school or college activities, special service rendered on behalf of the school, and evidence of ability to pursue advanced studies successfully after graduation are also given careful consideration. The types of scholarships offered are as follows: academic, missionary, music, and service; special grants are made to returned missionaries on furlough who desire further training. As a general n1le, scholarships are awarded only to students who expect to graduate from Biola College. In the event that a scholarship recipient wishes to transfer to another college, the award will be considered as a loan and must be repaid before a transcript of the student's record can be issued. Exceptions to this rule may be made in cases where it has been recommended by the faculty that the student transfer to a college or university which can better serve the requirements of his major field. WORLD VISION INC. MISSIONARY SCHOLARSHIP is awarded at commencement to two students who by written statement affirm a definite missionary call. This scholarship of $Z00.00 to each student ($100.00 per semester) is given to those selected by the Scholarship Committee and Director of the Missions Department who consider need and scholarship as well as m issionary call. GENE BERNARD SCHOLARSHIP is awarded each semester in the amount of $100.00 to two students preparing for missionary service. The r ecipients of this scholarship are selected by the Scholarship Committee and the Director of the Missions Department, giving due consideration to the above stated criteria .

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