DEVOTIONAL LIFE The College feels the spiritual life of the individual student in the midst of a program of study to be of utmost importance. Once each semester the school observes a planned Day of Prayer, and informal prayer groups meet as a r egular part of dormitory life. The annual Torrey Memorial Bible Conference and the Missionary Rally are high points in the development of the spiritual life of the student. STUDENT MISSIONARY UNION The Student Missionary Union of Biola is an active chapter of the Student Foreign Missions Fellowship, a national organization of students who are looking forward to foreign missionary service. The meetings of the Union which are h eld on Wednesday evenings are open to the entire student body. Immediately preceding the evening's message the students meet in prayer according to their interest in different fields where missionary letters and publications enable them to pray effectively. Returned missionaries and missionary candidates present chal­ l enging messages concerning the needs of the world. The primary purpose of these meetings is to create within each student a willingness to serve the Lord as He directs whether at home or on foreign field. The S.M.U. sends deputation teams, upon request, to churches and young people's groups in Los Angeles for the purpose of presenting mission­ ary information and the challenge of Christian service to others, through song and testimony. ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY The Associated Student Body, of which all students are members, exists for a three-fold purpose: to foster the spirit of fellowship, to promote the interests and welfare of the students, and to direct student affairs. The Student Council is composed of the President and Vice-Presidents of the Student Body, the representative of the School of Missionary Medi­ cine, the President of each class, the Editor and Associate Editor of each student publication, and the President and Vice-President of each student organization. The Student Council meets each year before the opening of school to plan the calendar of activities for the year, and to discuss the major current issues of student life. During the school year regular meetings of the Council are held. Under the auspices of the Council student body meetings are held each Friday morning. The men's and the women's Recreational Representatives are elected officers of the student body. These Representatives, with the counsel of the school's Athletic Director, plan and arrange for recreational trips to city 26

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