have practical experience in many Christian activities: Sunday school, jail work, detention homes, hospitals, street meetings, churches, and other avenues of service. At present students serve in approximately 300 churches in Southern California. Each student is expected to devote a minimum of three hours a week in his assigned Christian service and receives one unit of non-academic credit each semester. DISCIPLINE Biola College is dedicated to the training of young people who are sincere and earnest in their desire to live for Jesus Christ. Since this is true, students are expected to give evidence of conduct consistent with such a profession. At the time of admission, each student enters into an agreement with the College to be responsible for certain details of activity and conduct. Infringements are recorded by reminders in writing, and any student who accumulates a sufficient number of reminders is asked to meet with the Student Court or Student Personnel and Guidance Committee for counsel and help. Students whose attitudes prove to be uncooperative are asked to withdraw from school.


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