Assistant Professor, DOROTHY KINDELL Objective. This department forms an integral part of the Division of Education. Courses are designed to provide a rich background of art fundamentals, art tech­ niques, and art education methods necessary to equip the prospective teacher or school administrator for work with children and youth. Courses are open as electives to all students. 101. INTRODUCTION TO ART. (2) Fundamentals of design and composition in dark and light media, elementary lettering, poster work, sketching, figure drawing, and perspective. 102. TECHNIQUES OF ART. (2) Original work and design in survey of color media used in elementary schools. Water color, crayon, chalk, finger painting, advanced lettering, poster work, etc. Prerequisite: Art 101 301. HANDCRAFT. (2) Surveys of crafts dealing with copper, leather work, plastics, woodwork and carving, linoleum block printing, and elementary school techniques in the crafts . Prerequisite: Art 101 302. METHODS OF TEACHING ART. (2) Teaching of art techniques used in the elementary schools. Emphasis placed upon project organization, bulletin boards, three-dimensional ex-murals in integration with the entire school curriculum. Prerequisites: Art 101-102 304. HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF THE FINE ARTS. (2) A study of the philosophical trends influencing architecture, painting, and sculp­ turing. 401. WATER COLOR. (2) Basic techniques used in water color such as gouache, pen and ink, opaque and transparencies, etc., for creating still life and composition. Prerequisites: Art 101-102 or by Department permission 402. OIL PAINTING. (2) Research and experience in using various techniques of oil painting as related to their use in the school of painting. Prerequisites: Art 101-102 or by Department permission ENGLISH DEPARTMENT A ssociate Professor INEZ McGAHF.Y; Assistant Professors IRENE BoYD, BERTHA H. PENTNEY. Objectives. The Department of English has five objectives: the understanding of language as a means of communication; the ability to speak and write with clarity 38

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