of thought and mechanical correctness; an understanding of l iterature as a record of the development of human thought and the reflection of human history; the appreci­ ation and enjoyment of good literature; and an acquaintance of the literary heritage of the English speaking world. Requirements for a Major in English. A minimum of twenty-seven upper division units are required for the major. 52. REMEDIAL READING. (0) Improving speed, comprehension, and retention in reading skills. Primarily for freshmen, but open to all students . 101-102. BASIC LANGUAGE, READING, AND COMPOSITION. (3, 3)* Changes and growth in language development, with emph asis on the fundamental elements underlying the structure of spoken and written English. Reading improve­ ment and further training in composition. Eng. 101 is prerequisite for 102. 204. INTERMEDIATE COMPOSITION. (3) The application of the fundamenta ls of writing to the preparation of long compo­ sitions in each of the writing forms. 300. DIRECTED READING. (1-3) Selected reading in areas (or periods) of deficiency of the student, as determined by consultation with the instructor. Periodic reports and a term paper in the field of major interest. 301-302. ENGLISH LITERATURE. (3-3) A survey of the poetry and prose from Beowulf 'to the present including some of the masterpieces. Eng. 301 is prerequisite for 302. 304. MILTON. (2) A study of the prose and poetry of Milton's more important works. 305. BIOGRAPHY. (2) A study of Christian biographies and autobiographies showing the operation of God through human ]jfe in all centuries of the Christian era. 307. WRITERS OF THE REFORMATION PERIOD. (2) A course intended to acquaint the student with the writings of Wycliffe, Luther, Erasmus, Zwingli, Calvin, and others. 308. ETYMOLOGY. (2) The background of the English language, including prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek roots, and their derivatives. 309. AMERICAN LITERATURE. (3) A consideration of the outstanding contributors of American literature from the Colonial period to the Civil War. 310. AMERICAN LITERATURE. (3) Principal writers from the Civil War to the present. Prerequisite: 309 •Students who fail to pass the English Placement Test will take 101B instead of 101. 101B will give three hours credit but will meet four hours per week. 39

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